The Best Tips for Choosing a Bali Visa Consultant in Indonesia

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The important thing that you should be worried about when choosing a Bali visa consultant is that currently there are many ‘rogue’ visa consultants popping up all over Indonesia. Especially, in popular areas like Jakarta and Bali. In addition, changes to immigration regulations to apply for an Indonesian visa are also required at this time.

The reason is, more and more foreigners are entering Indonesia (for travel, business, or residential purposes), also increasing the potential for fake consultant visas. This is the importance of finding a trusted Indonesian visa consultant, especially if your destination is Bali.

Reasons to Choose the Right Bali Visa Consultant

The tourism sector in Indonesia is exploding every year, causing large numbers of tourists to flock to many parts of this enchanting archipelago nation. Not just for visiting, Indonesia is also an ideal country for foreigners to work and start a new life.

If you are a foreigner who is interested in visiting Indonesia for vacation, work, or living in Indonesia, especially in Bali, you should read the following tips on choosing a Bali visa consultant. Hoping that this information will minimize your experience of unnecessary scams.

1. Do Research About the Agency

There are many stories about people who chose the wrong Bali visa consultant because they received wrong information, inappropriate procedures, or even inflated processing fees. It’s proof that while there are many visa consultants available, it’s quite difficult to choose one that isn’t misleading.

Then, how do you get information about a trusted visa consultant? Find the information you need using the internet. Check the website of the visa consulting agency, especially the feedback section. Also, check out their social media pages, especially in the testimonials section to give you an idea of ​​past clients’ satisfaction and ratings of their performance.

2. Agency Fulfillment

Next, you are advised to check the consultant’s experience in dealing with the relevant visas and how long they have been in the industry. Mature experience and extensive knowledge will illustrate the agency’s credibility in dealing with the problems faced by applicants and the agency’s readiness to deal with complex situations.

Recognizing a reputable visa consultant in Indonesia is quite easy. They will usually have an informational website, customer testimonials, products and services, and valid contact information. Just like the E-Visa Bali has more than 12 years of experience, completed more than 3,000 applications, and has a clear online presence.

3. Is the Visa Agency Proven Registered?

All agencies that oversee Bali visa consultants are required to register a company by the immigration law in force in Indonesia. So, make sure you ask whether the visa agency you choose is the best in that country or not.

Bali visa consultants such as E-Visa Bali will help you process various important documents, such as visas, development permits, business permits, residence permits, tax documents, and property legal consultation documents. Of course, more than 10 thousand visas approved and a success rate of 99.99% will take all your worries away.

4. Transparent About Fees

Affordable flat rates are another factor you should consider before choosing the right visa consultant. Make sure your visa consultant is transparent about the costs of the various services offered and can clearly outline their fee structure. If they have a website or brochure, make sure information about fees and services is listed there so potential clients can figure out the average cost.

5. Avoid Job Guaranteed Visa Consultants in Indonesia

Only legal and registered visa consulting firms are responsible for providing professional advice to clients. And a utopian picture of your future and your work in Indonesia is not included in this professional advice. instead, it indicated that something was wrong with the visa consultant.

You need to be vigilant if you get an agency that offers lures. Because maybe it’s all part of a ‘naughty’ strategy used by agencies to lure foreigners to apply for visas at their companies even though their goal is only to make profits by fraudulent means.


Those are some tips from us with the hope of helping you in choosing the right Bali visa consultant. If you are still unsure, E-Visa Bali as a trusted and experienced visa consultant company will help you get consultations about the process of making immigration documents and permits so that the process is faster and easier for you.

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